Trespass Complaint

On April 29, 2019, officers attended the 2600 block of Front Rd for a trespass complaint as there was a vehicle stuck in the mud on private property. Upon arrival officers located two vehicles with one being stuck in the mud in the “no trespassing” part of the property. 3 persons were present sitting in a second vehicle. While speaking with the three persons in the vehicle the officers smelled the odour of marijuana in the vehicle. A marijuana cigarette was turned over by one person which was destroyed. A bottle of open rum was also in the vehicle. As none of the males were exhibiting signs of impairment they were cautioned for these offenses as well as their trespassing on private property. It is an offence under the Liquor Licence Act of Ontario to possess open liquor within a motor vehicle. It is also an offence under the Cannabis Control Act of Ontario to possess marijuana that is readily available and not in the sealed original package. No charges were laid and the persons involved were cautioned and educated as to the potential offences. Please do not drink and drive or consume marijuana and drive. Educate yourself further on the new cannabis laws here: