Trespass Complaint

Police received a report of trespassing and damage to farm land from a resident/farmer residing on Broderick Road. While tilling the land and seeding the farm, the complainant came across some areas of the farm where he could see that an SUV or Car had done ‘donuts’ and raked up the farm land. The complainant pointed out a residence where the tracks lead to. A police officer attended the address, saw some SUV’s with mud splattered all over them, and spoke with the homeowner. He advised that he has seen some people using ATV’s on the farm land and these ATV’s have traversed over his property to do so. He was advised to put up signs of No Trespassing and also advised to let the rest of the family members know that they cannot go around damaging their neighbours farmland either. The neighbour assured the writer he would do the necessary.
Such actions cause significant damage to the crops that have been planted and results in monetary losses to those that are farming in the area. We urge people to show proper respect to these farmers and neighbours.