Unknown Suspicious Caller

On November 14, 2019, Dispatch received a non-emergency call from a mother stating that her daughter was receiving calls from an unknown caller/blocked number on multiple occasions. The male never identified himself and the daughter did not recognize the voice of the male on the other end. The questions he was asking and the conversation he was trying to engage in with the young female were of a concerning nature, but yet, not criminal. No criminal act had taken place.

If this happens to you, here are the safety tips from the officer who advised the mother and the daughter of a few things:
1. Screen calls/Do Not Answer calls from “Unknown ID/Caller” or “Blocked” numbers OR if you simply do not recognize the phone number – let it go to voice mail. Most people will leave a message for you if they need to get a hold of you or it is something important.
2. Immediately hand the phone off to an adult family member.
3. Should one engage in conversation with the caller, state, “You have the wrong number,” and then, hang up.
4. If the calls keep occurring, the easiest and best thing to do is to change your number. You may ask “why should I have to?” You shouldn’t have to but it is the quickest and easiest solution.
5. KEEP LOGS: times, dates, conversation details/content.

If you feel threatened or fear for your safety or the safety of another person, contact the LaSalle Police Service and notify us at 519 969-5210.