UPDATE – LaSalle Police Have Identified and Spoken to Person Who Took Wallet From Cart at LCBO LaSalle

Earlier today, the LaSalle Police Service put out a media release on social media requesting public assistance in identifying a female who retrieved a wallet from a cart at the LCBO in October. The wallet had been inadvertently left in the cart by its owner and was located by the female at the store.

LaSalle Police were unsuccessful in a previous post that appealed to whomever retrieved the wallet to turn it in to the police.

As a result of today’s post, the female was advised by a friend and immediately attended the LaSalle Police Service to speak with the investigating officer. She explained that she put the wallet in an envelope and sent it back to the owner however there seems to have been some sort of delivery delay. As the officer was speaking with her, the reporting person contacted the officer and advised that they just received their wallet in the mail, corroborating the explanation and that there was no ill intent involved.

We thank the public for their assistance in this matter.