Weekly Media Release – August 31st-September 6, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday August 31st to Sunday September 6th, were kept busy responding to 461 calls for service and activities including:

28 – Emergency 911 Calls
2 – Alarms
7 – Assist Ambulance
1 – Assist Other Police Service
3 – Attempt Criminal Act
9 – By-Law Complaints
76 – Directed Patrols
8 – Driving Complaints
1 – Family Dispute
1 – Fraud
2 – Harassment Complaints
2 – Mischief Complaints
2 – Missing Persons
3 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
167 – Property Checks
1 – Sexual Offence
19 – Suspicious Activity
3 – Thefts
62 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
13 – Wellness Checks and COVID-19 related calls

Back to School – Driver Awareness

The LaSalle Police Service would like to welcome all of our students back to school. Many things have changed over the past six or seven months and we have all had to modify the way we do things. One of the modifications that affect our students is increased walking distances for students who normally take the school bus. Another modification is that school days and times are staggered for certain students due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our crossing guards will be ready and waiting to assist our students on their journey to school but we need motorists to be aware and focused on their driving and their surroundings.

Expect to see increased pedestrian traffic in all areas of the town. Please be patient with our students and our crossing guards. They are doing their best to keep our children safe and we ask that you do your part as well.
School buses will also be operating as normal and drivers will need to expect delays when the buses pick up our students. It has been some time since we had school buses on our roadways and we remind motorists to stop when the red flashing lights are illuminated.
Through patience, caution, and awareness of our surroundings we can all work together to ensure the safety our students and crossing guards.

August 31st
By-Law- Other
A report was made that someone had used, without permission, a garbage dumpster to discard cardboard boxes and concrete waste on Harrison Ave. The witness provided police with the licence plate and a description of the involved vehicle which enabled police to contact the owner of the vehicle. The owner of the garbage and the owner of the dumpster came to an understanding with the help of the officer. Everyone is reminded not to place anything in any dumpster without the permission of the person responsible for that receptacle. Either place your garbage out with your normal trash at your business or residence or attend the Public Drop Off Depot at 3540 North Service Road East, Windsor, Ontario. (Off of Central Avenue)


September 1st
Theft Under $5000
On this day, Officers were dispatched to Zehrs for a report of a male stuffing a backpack with meat and razors. The store Loss Prevention Officer observed the male exit the store, making no attempt to pay for the items he placed in the back pack. Outside the store the male was arrested. He was apologetic and surrendered the items in the back pack. The male was not charged with theft but issued a trespass notice banning him from the store.

Stunt Driving
An Officer conducted a traffic stop on the eastbound Highway 401 ramp just off of Huron Church Line Road. The vehicle had been travelling in the center lane and it caught the attention of the Officer because it t was travelling well over the speed limit posted. The Officer used a radar device and it was locked in at 113km/hr in a 60 km/hr zone. All of the drivers’ documents were valid but because of the excessive speeding, the driver was charged with “Drive Motor Vehicle – Perform Stunt/Speeding by 50km/h or more”. His drivers licence was suspended, and vehicle impounded for 7 days. He was also served with a Part III Summons with a notice of suspension. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

September 2nd
Mischief: Broken Glass in Parking Lot
LaSalle Police were notified that over the last month there had been glass bottles smashed in the parking lot at LaSalle Heritage Plaza. The reporting person advised that it seemed that this had been occurring mostly at night. As a result, extra patrols continue to be conducted at the plaza and surrounding area.

September 3rd
Assist Ambulance: Gaining Access to a Residence
EMS received a “MEDICAL ALERT” from an alarm company stating that an elderly individual had fallen down outside of their vehicle at their residence. When EMS arrived, the residence was dark, locked up and there was no one around. They believed that the person may possibly be inside of the garage. In order to gain entry into the residence LaSalle Police Service were requested to attend and assist. LPS dispatch was able to contact a family member who attended promptly and paramedics were able to attend to the patient who was conscious and alert but still required some assistance.

September 4th

Animal Complaint
While on a bike patrol on Malden Road an officer noticed a lone dog in a vehicle. The vehicle was parked and the windows were opened slightly. When the officer began to check on the dog’s welfare he noticed that the dog was lying down at the lowest part in the car, which made the officer believe that he was overheating. The officer entered a nearby store to locate the owner. The owner of the vehicle was paged and attended the vehicle with the officer. The officer spoke to the owner about the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot car and they were cautioned contrary to the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act. Please remember that although we are moving into fall and the weather is cooling down most evenings that during the day it is still hot outside. Temperatures in a vehicle can rise very quickly and leaving a pet in a hot vehicle is not recommended. Leave your pet at home. They will be happy to see you when you get back.

September 5th

Disturb the Peace
In the mid afternoon LaSalle Police Service dispatch received numerous 911 calls regarding a “fight” that was taking place in a neighbourhood in LaSalle. Police quickly arrived on scene and discovered that the dispute had ended and all parties were separated. There were two residences in the area that were having small gatherings on their respective driveways. A dispute erupted between the two gatherings and they confronted each other in the roadway. Alcohol consumption was a factor in this incident which led to the loud argument. All parties were cautioned for their actions and were advised to keep the peace. Everyone involved was in agreement.

September 6th
Just after 2:00 PM officers were called to Zehrs on Malden Rd for a theft that had just occurred. The reporting persons advised that the culprits fled in a vehicle which was last seen heading southbound on Malden Rd. Officers checked the area and were unable to located the involved vehicle or persons. They spoke with the Loss Prevention Officer and were advised that a female had stolen two tablets, however after being approached outside the store did return one before getting into a vehicle and leaving. Video footage will be reviewed in an effort to identify the involved individuals. The investigation is ongoing at this time.