Weekly Media Release Dec. 28, 2020- Jan. 3rd 2021

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday December 28th to Sunday January 3rd, were kept busy responding to 392 calls for service and activities including:

14 – Emergency 911 Calls
1 – Alarm
1 – Alcohol Related Drivers Licence Suspension
1 – Assist Ambulance
2 – Assist Fire Department
3 – Assist Other Police Service
1 – Bail Violation
3 – By-Law Complaints
76 – Directed Patrols
2 – Driving Complaints
1 – Fraud Complaint
1 – Harassment Complaint
2 – Impaired Driving Complaints
3 – Mischief Complaints
9 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
166 – Property Checks
4 – Suspicious Activity
2 – Thefts
1 – Threats Complaints
58 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
2 – Trespass Complaints
6 – COVID-19 related calls

WECHU – Grey Zone – Lockdown

Residents of LaSalle,

On Monday, December 14th , 2020 at 12:01 AM, Windsor-Essex County was placed under modified Stage 1 – Grey Zone – Lockdown as per the Government of Ontario and the Windsor Essex County Health Unit. On Saturday, December 26th, the entire Province of Ontario was placed into Lockdown which is scheduled to last for 28 days which brings us to January 23rd, 2021, but can be extended if needed.

There are stringent measures included in this lockdown that must be followed in order to ensure the health of our communities.

Information regarding the various 5 zones of public health measures is available at: Framework for Keeping Ontario Safe and Open Lockdown Measures.

The LaSalle Police Service would like to remind our community that throughout this pandemic, public safety and community well-being has remained our number one priority. We continually strive to strike a balance between community support and education and enforcement.

COVID-19 positive cases have continued a steady increase in many regions across Ontario including here in Essex County. We as a community must not become weary or complacent in our efforts to avoid unnecessary exposure and have to do our part to stem the burden to our medical system. We are all legally bound to follow these rules which have been put into place in order to protect the overall health of our communities.

The LaSalle Police Service supports this collaborative public health strategy and will take appropriate enforcement action where necessary.

We respect that many are facing serious challenges however the health and safety of our community is of paramount importance us.
If we work together we can all make a difference.
Stay Safe.
Local Pandemic Status | The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit (wechu.org)

Dec. 28th

Theft of Catalytic Converter
A person in the 5000 block of Huron Church Line Road reported that their catalytic converter (part of the exhaust system for a motor vehicle) had been cut off of their vehicle sometime between December 26th and December 28th while it was parked on their property. The catalytic converter will cost approximately $1000 to replace and these items have recently been the target in numerous thefts throughout Essex County.

Anyone with information about this occurrence is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service immediately at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.comhttps://www.catchcrooks.com/

Dec. 29th

Suspicious Vehicle/Persons involved in Windsor Police Fail to Remain Motor Vehicle Accident
In the early afternoon, officers were dispatched to the area of Sandwich Secondary School for a report of a suspicious vehicle. The reporting person observed a vehicle parked at the rear of the school and a male was seen walking around the vehicle with gas can. Police arrived shortly after and met with a male who was seated in the vehicle who advised that his vehicle ran out of gas and a friend left with the gas can to get some. The officer noticed that the vehicle had moderate damage to the front end. Other officers located the male friend nearby in a taxi cab. The male in the cab was identified and found to be wanted out of Chatham-Kent Police Service. During the investigation into this matter, Windsor Police Service had contacted LaSalle Police Dispatch advising that they were looking for a vehicle that was involved in a motor vehicle accident that had fled the scene earlier in the day. The information provided by Windsor Police Service matched the vehicle and person descriptors of the persons and vehicle they were currently investigating. Windsor Police Service attended the scene and continued with their investigation.

Theft from LCBO
The theft occurred just after at 5:00 PM when a Caucasian female entered the store; described as having blonde hair pulled back, wearing a white scarf on her neck, red scarf around her shoulders, a green coat, blue mask and holding a black purse/tote. The female first went to the whiskey isle where she picked up a bottle of Crown Royal and J.P. Wisers, then headed to the back of the store where she concealed the items in her purse. She then selected a bottle of red wine and proceeded to the checkout. While attempting to pay for her wine, she used a gift card with insufficient funds. The female stated that she must have grabbed the wrong card and the other one was in her car. She then left the store to retrieve the other card, but did not return. Store employees found this to be suspicious and reviewed the store surveillance where they observed the theft take place and contacted LaSalle Police. The theft totalled at $83.90 and the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information about this occurrence is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service immediately at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.comhttps://www.catchcrooks.com/

Dec. 30th

ATV’s trespassing on Private Property
A resident noticed ATV tire tracks on his family’s property that went around a locked gate at the front of pathway to their field and then proceeded into the farm field. The reporting person is concerned about liability for potential injuries and damage to their property. Police will monitor the area, stop offenders and take enforcement action where necessary.

ATV’s, Snowmobiles, dirtbikes and pedestrians are reminded that it is an offence to trespass on anyone’s property without permission. This includes farm fields and the property along Essex Terminal Railway Tracks. Vehicles may cause damage to crops and property which could result in criminal charges. Please keep in mind that there are many residents that live very close to the railway tracks that must endure the endless roar of these off road vehicle’s engines all year despite the posted no trespassing signs along the entire length of the ETR property. Please be courteous and operate you off road vehicles only where you have permission.

Jan. 1st

Driving Complaint/Disturbing the Peace
At approximately 4:00 AM, dispatch received information about a red pick-up truck and another unidentified vehicle performing donuts in a field near Bouffard and Disputed and that this was an ongoing issue. Multiple units attended the area within minutes but were unable to locate the vehicles. Almost 45 minutes later, dispatch received another call for the same complaint. Officers arrived on scene and located the truck which was stuck in mud. When the officer identified the driver, he detected alcohol on their breath. While the officers were investigating the matter the driver fled on foot and into their nearby residence. The officers then discovered that the driver had legal conditions not to consume alcohol and not be outside of their residence between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.
Jan. 2nd

Theft From Unlocked Vehicle
LaSalle Police received information that there was a wallet left on the ground near the Town and Country Animal Clinic on Sandwich West Parkway. Officers located the wallet and contacted the owner who reported that their vehicle had been entered overnight while parked in the 2500 block of Skinner and the wallet stolen. The vehicle had been left unlocked and there were a number of items taken from within the vehicle including the wallet. The wallet was returned to its owner. Locking your vehicles and removing all items of value is the easiest and most effective method of theft prevention. #lockitorloseit.

Driving Complaint/3 Day Alcohol Licence Suspension
Officers received a driving complaint for a silver grand caravan passing vehicles on Todd Lane and cutting people off. Officers located the vehicle just off of Malden Road near Delmar. The officer demanded the male driver provide a breath sample, which yielded a result of over 50mgs of alcohol in 100mgs of blood. As a result, the male’s driving privileges were suspended for a period 3 days. He will now have to pay $280.00 to have his driver’s licence reinstated after the prescribed period.
Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive impaired.