Weekly Media Release – January 18th – January 24th, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday January 18th to Sunday January 24th, were kept busy responding to 416 calls for service and activities including:

16 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
1 – Assist Ambulance
1 – Break and Enter
3 – By-Law Complaints
84 – Directed Patrols
2 – Driving Complaints
2 – Fraud Complaints
2 – Impaired Driving Complaints
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
3 – Mischief Complaints
4 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
181 – Property Checks
7 – Suspicious Activity
3 – Thefts
3 – Threats Complaints
52 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
5 – COVID-19 related calls

January 18
Computer / Internet Fraud
A resident contacted LaSalle Police to report that they suspected that they had been a victim of fraud. The reporting person advised that they had recently purchased a laptop computer at a well-established retail location and while using it, the computer froze. Upon restarting the computer, a message popped up titled “Microsoft Virus Protection” with a message or chat box. The reporting person spoke with a “representative” of Microsoft and granted them remote access to the computer. Once all of the “repairs” were completed he was advised that he owed $299.00 for the services rendered. The reporting person then believed that he was being scammed and turned off the computer. He was right. This is a well-known scam where the owner’s computer seems to malfunction and receives a message from “Microsoft” that appears to be legitimate. Once the (fake) technician is granted remote access they begin to plant viruses and steal information from the computer which could include bank access codes, passwords or absolutely anything contained on the computer. NEVER allow anyone remote access to your computer unless you are absolutely certain of who you are dealing with, especially from unsolicited calls or messages. If you have an issue with your computer, bring it to a reliable and trusted technician to help you sort it out. In this instance, the reporting person did not suffer a financial loss other than what may be required to service the computer and rid it of any nefarious software left behind by the culprit.

January 19
Break and Enter: Sacred Heart Public School
Officers attended Sacred Heart Elementary School in the morning regarding a theft of three Chrome Book laptop computers from a classroom in the school. School officials found a sliding window to the classroom had been opened and used as a point of entry / exit. The school’s alarm system had been activated just before 1:00 AM which was investigated by a security company. The laptops have been added to the national police database as stolen. Anyone with information about this occurrence is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or may leave a tip anonymously at Crime Stoppers at: https://www.catchcrooks.com/ 519 258-8477.

January 20
Theft of Bobcat and Bucket
LaSalle Police attended a business on Huron Church Line Road for a report of a stolen bobcat.
The reporting person advised that the machine was taken sometime between January 18th and January 19th and was about 5-6 years old. The original value of the machine was $70,000 dollars. The model number is a wheeled S770 and requires a code to start up instead of a key. The unit had a toothed bucket along the edge attached and a word welded into it. The rear door has yellow/white flashing lights when the lights are activated. The bobcat and bucket were added to the national police database as stolen. Anyone with information about this occurrence is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or may leave a tip anonymously at Crime Stoppers at: https://www.catchcrooks.com/ 519 258-8477.

January 21
Lost Male
Officers were notified of an elderly male walking in the area of Todd Lane heading towards Sandwich West Public School wearing only pajamas, slippers with socks. Officers were able to quickly locate the male who was visibly upset and confused stating that he did not know where he was or where he lived. While Officers were dealing with the male, a family member of his called LaSalle Police to report him missing. The male was diagnosed with dementia a few years back and this was the first time he strayed away from home. The male was returned home where Officers provided information to the family about the LaSalle Police Service Vulnerable Persons Registry. The male has now been added to the registry with a photo to assist with any future incidents and in getting him back home safe to his family.

The Vulnerable Persons Registry is a place that holds an individual’s information and that is known to frequently wander or could in the future. This includes a current photo of the individual.

The information provided by a family member to add an individual is as follows:
Basic Information Physical Descriptors Identifying Features Misc.
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Male/Female
– Address
– Spoken tongue – Height/Weight
– Eye/Hair Color
– Complexion
– Ethnicity – Hearing aids (left/right)
– Visual aids (glasses)
– Dentures (up/bottom)
– Scars/Birthmarks
– Tattoos – Recent photo
– Potential places that individual visits (family member, parks, convenient stores, restaurants, etc.)
– Drivers: License Plate, Vehicle (make/model/color)
– Emergency Contacts

If you have a loved one that you would like to put on this registry, please visit www.lasallepolice.ca. The tab “Vulnerable Persons” will prompt you to fill out the form electronically.

No access to computer or internet? No problem! LaSalle Dispatch is open 24/7 at 519-969-5210 ext. 0. They will be glad to assist, obtain all your information and add the individual to the registry.

January 22
Missing Male Located in Ottawa, ON
Dispatch received a call around midnight from a resident who stated that her husband left the house a few hours after getting into bed and after taking his sleep medication. When she asked where he was going, he stated that he didn’t know and that he was “going for a drive”. After repeatedly calling and texting her husband with no answer, she became worried for his well-being and called the police. A broadcast was disseminated to surrounding police services to be on the lookout for the male with a description of him and the vehicle he was driving in an effort to check on his well-being. With the assistance of his mobile phone carrier, Police were able to determine that he was travelling east on the 401 and ended up in Ottawa, Ontario. A coordinated effort between LaSalle Police and Ottawa Police led to successfully locating the male in the City of Ottawa. The male appeared to be unwell and was transported to the hospital for further assessment. The reporting person made arrangements to meet with her husband in Ottawa.

January 23
Suspended Driving
An officer conducted a traffic stop of a black Dodge Challenger on Malden Road. Investigation revealed that the adult male driver’s licence was suspended for medical reasons and had been previously been served notice of the suspension. The driver was issued a summons for driving while under suspension contrary to Section 53 of the Highway Traffic Act. He and his vehicle were picked up by a properly licenced driver.

January 24
Theft From Motor Vehicles
LaSalle Police received several reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles in the 6000 block of North Woodmont and the 1600 block of Sprucewood Avenue. Investigators were able to identify a suspect, an adult male resident of Windsor, who was later arrested and charged with several criminal offences. Most of the stolen property was recovered and returned to their respective owners.

Another reminder to keep your vehicle and residence doors locked at all times. Motion lighting may act as a deterrent and surveillance cameras can add an additional layer of security and to assist in investigations. If you see something, suspicious call police immediately at 519 969-5210. Don’t wait until hours later or the next day. We are here for you 24/7.

Approved By: Staff Sergeant Duncan DAVIES