Weekly Media Release – November 30th 2020 – December 6th, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday November 30th to Sunday December 6th, were kept busy responding to 272 calls for service and activities including:

24 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
2 – Assault Complaints
3 – Assist Ambulance
2 – Assist Other Police Service
3 – Bail Violations
6 – By-Law Complaints
30 – Directed Patrols
8 – Driving Complaints
1 – Family Dispute
3 – Fraud Complaints
2 – Harassment Complaints
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
4 – Mental Health Matters
7 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
90 – Property Checks
7 – Suspicious Activity
3 – Thefts
2 – Threats Complaints
36 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
4 – COVID-19 related call

November 30
TD Bank Account Hacked
A resident filed a fraud complaint with police advising that they e-transferred funds to their child’s account to assist with school expenses however their child never received the money. The resident was able to confirm that the funds were withdrawn from their account however they do not know who received them. The transaction, which had successfully been completed several times before, was done using the banking institutions on-line banking application. Representatives at the banking institution investigated further and discovered a breach in the reporting persons account and that it had been “hacked” by an unknown person. The bank had a name of who the funds were sent to which was not the complainants child and was unknown to the reporting person. The investigation is ongoing while TD Bank investigates further into the matter.

E-transferring funds is generally safe however a few safety protocols should be followed.

An e-Transfer interception occurs when a third party hacks into the intended recipient’s email account and finds key information, like the e-Transfer notification and the answer to the security question (either because it’s written in your emails or easily guessed). Then, they can redirect the money and deposit it into their own account without hacking into your bank account. This prevents the funds from getting to the intended recipient, but they’re still gone from your account.

Here is a link with good information on how to safeguard you on-line banking and e-transfers(this one is for Meridian which is a banking institution however the same basic guidelines apply for most);

December 1
Theft from LCBO
Just before 7:00 PM, an adult male attended the LCBO on Malden Road and concealed three bottles of liquor in their jacket before leaving without paying for the items. The theft was not immediately noticed until an inventory was conducted immediately after and a review of the security surveillance revealed how the male selected, concealed and removed the items from the store. The investigating officer reviewed the surveillance video and recognized the male from previous contacts. The officer confirmed the male’s identity with an officer from another police agency who also had previous dealings with the male. The male will be charged with the offence of theft under $5000.00.

December 2
Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle
At approximately 12:00 AM, An officer conducting property check of the Vollmer Complex grounds observed five vehicles in just beginning the process of performing “donuts” in the freshly fallen snow of one of the parking lots. The officer activated his emergency lights and all vehicles stopped in their tracks. Each of the lone male drivers were identified and were cooperative with the officer. They were all cautioned and educated regarding trespassing, mischief to property and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. They were all very apologetic for their actions. There was no damage to town owned property and extra patrols will be conducted in the area of the Vollmer Complex.

Performing “donuts” may seem like harmless fun but it is dangerous driving which is a criminal offence, and could cost you your or someone else’s life. Driving is a privilege, don’t abuse it. Drive safely at all times.

December 3
Mysterious Knocks and Footprints
An employee of Oak Park Retirement Home on 13th Street contacted police and advised that two of the residents heard a knock on their patio doors at approximately 9:00 PM. The affected residents were not expecting any visitors. Police attended and observed footprints in the snow near the patio doors and searched the area and surrounding trails. During the investigation, two other sets of patio doors to vacant rooms were found to be unlocked and were secured. The officers provided additional security and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) advice to the staff and residents.

December 4
Upside-Down Vehicle in Ditch – Minor Injuries – Multiple Offences
At 1:30 AM, a black Ford Taurus being operated by an adult male was travelling south on Matchette Road approaching Martin Lane when the driver lost control and crashed into the east ditch. As a result of the collision, the vehicle rolled over onto its roof causing extensive damage. LaSalle Police dispatch received an emergency call from OnStar that the vehicle had been involved in an accident and that the occupants were not seriously injured. Officers attended the scene and spoke with the driver and passengers who were able to exit the vehicle after the collision. The driver sustained a minor cut on the hand and the female passenger was transported to the hospital due to pain on her side and was having difficulty breathing. A third passenger in the vehicle was uninjured and was driven home by a police officer. The vehicle sustained heavy damage and was towed from the scene.
After further investigation the driver was issued a 3 day licence suspension for having more the 50mgs alcohol per 100 ml of blood. He was also charged with:
1) Careless Driving Sec 130(1) Highway Traffic Act
2) Novice Driver – B.A.C. Above Zero Sec 44.1(3) Highway Traffic Act
3) Have Care of Control of Vehicle with Cannabis readily available, Sec 12(1) Cannabis Control Act.
December 5
Missing Parcel from Front Porch
LaSalle Police Dispatch received a complaint via the LaSalle Police Service on-line web reporting tool (https://www.lasallepolice.ca/report-incident/) regarding a theft of a parcel from a residents front porch on Jolly Avenue. The complainant was expecting four parcels however only received three. The resident contacted the vendor who then put a claim in with Fed Ex. Fed Ex denied the claim, stating that all 4 packages had been delivered. This led the reporting person and the vendor to conclude that one of the parcels may have been stolen. As a result a police report was generated.

Parcel thefts can occur anywhere, anytime. Try to have packages delivered at times when you will be home or perhaps have them delivered to your workplace if allowed. Some couriers also provide options to deliver the parcels to drop off points where the consumer can pick them up safely. Home surveillance systems are also a great addition to you overall home security and can assist greatly in any ensuing investigation.

Approved By: Staff Sergeant Jason WOODS