Weekly Media Release – September 21, 2020 to September 27, 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday September 21st to Sunday September 27th, were kept busy responding to 449 calls for service and activities including:

28 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
1 – Assist Ambulance
1 – Assist Other Police Service
2 – Bail Violations
12 – By-Law Complaints
84 – Directed Patrols
2 – Domestic Disputes
13 – Driving Complaints
1 – Family Dispute
2 – Fraud
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
3 – Mischief Complaints
6 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
106 – Property Checks
13 – Suspicious Activity
8 – Thefts
1 – Threats
79 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
2 – Wellness Checks and COVID-19 related calls
2 – COVID-19 and Quarantine Act related calls

Sept 21st

On this day an officer responded to a call regarding a fraud. A female stated that she has been selling clothing on the website Poshmark for a while with much success, until her most recent sale. She had been selling a dress for $200 on the site and was promptly contacted by a buyer. The buyer asked for additional information and pictures of the dress and the female emailed these to the buyer from her personal email address. The buyer then asked the female if she would accept a cheque for the dress, instead of using the app as per normal, the female agreed to this and gave the buyer her address. A few days later a cheque for $2680, made payable to an unknown business was received. The female immediately advised the buyer, who stated that they had accidentally sent her the wrong cheque and that they wished for her to deposit it and send them back the excess money, which she did. A few days later she noticed that her bank balance was in the negative and that the cheque was fraudulent. She was advised by the bank that they had started a fraud claim and that she should make a police report. She gave the officer all of the information that she had, from the email addresses used and where the cheques were sent from. The investigation is continuing. This is an example of an regularly used tactic by fraudsters. They will attempt to purchase something from you that you have posted for sale. They will send you payment which is generally substantially higher than the agreed upon amount and ask that you return the surplus amount back to them as well as the item that was for sale. Usually their form of payment will be fraudulent and the seller will be out the item and the surplus money that was deposited back to them. Don’t be pressured to use alternate means of payment. Set up the payment scheme in a legitimate manner and stick to it. If anyone provides you with more funds than was expected it is almost certainly fraud.

Sept. 21st
Impaired Driving Complaint
At 5:30 PM, LaSalle Police were detailed to Highway 18 and River Avenue for a motor vehicle collision. The vehicle had been reportedly swerving on the roadway and had struck a parked vehicle and sign. After speaking with the adult male driver it was determined that there were no signs of impairment however he had very little sleep between working two very long shifts and believed that he fell asleep while driving. As a result the driver was charged with Careless Driving under the Highway Traffic Act.

A short time later, officers responded to a similar complaint of a possible impaired driver on Malden Road at Reaume Road. The vehicle was located and the driver was spoken to by an officer. This driver was also experiencing extreme fatigue however had not consumed any intoxicating substances other than prescribed medication.

Arrangements were made for both drivers to arrive home safely.

Driving while tired can be just a dangerous as driving impaired. If you are exhausted and just need to get to your destination, make other arrangements to get there safely.

Sept 22nd
By-Law Dumping
LaSalle Police received a call that a male was seen dumping garbage in to the dumpster behind Dollarama at Windsor Crossing. A vehicle was seen and a query of the licence plate helped police to identify the male and an officer attended the male’s residence to speak with him. He was reminded of the town by-laws and advised him that the owners of the dumpster need to pay for the weight of the garbage upon dumping. The male was extremely remorseful and stated that he would go back and remove the items that he dumped. Please do not dump your garbage in business or personal dumpsters as they must be paid for by weight upon pickup. If you have trash that cannot be put out to the curb on the regular pick up days you can always bring it to the Public Drop Off at 3540 North Service Road East, Windsor, On (off of Central Avenue). https://www.citywindsor.ca/residents/Waste-And-Recycling/Pages/Public-Drop-Off.aspx

Sept 23rd
A Town of LaSalle employee contacted the police to advise of a swing that had been damaged in one of the LaSalle parks. An officer attended and it was advised that to fix the swing would cost approximately $8000. Officers will continue to patrol all the parks in LaSalle and attempt to deter further vandalism. This act of vandalism was deliberate and not caused by accident. The parks and play equipment in LaSalle are important to all residents so we want to remind all to be careful when using the equipment and let’s try to keep it in a good condition for all to use. If you see any person causing damage to the amenities in town please do your due diligence and call the non-emergency police number, 519-969-5210 ext. 0, and we will attend as soon as we can.

Sept 24th
Assist Public: Marijuana Odour
An officer was dispatched to a house on Runstedler where an anonymous caller phoned dispatch because he could smell the very strong odour of marijuana coming from the backyard of this residence. The caller was unsure of the laws of cannabis in Ontario, he believed there must have been 20 plants. The homeowner advised that he only had five cannabis plants. The law states that four cannabis plants per household are legal and having more than four could result in serious charges/fines. The homeowner was very cooperative and immediately removed one plant. To be clear the law states that you can grow four cannabis plants per household and not four cannabis plants per person.

Here is a straightforward link for further information on the subject: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/health/campaigns/cannabis/canadians.html

Sept 25th
Motor Vehicle Collision
Officers attended the intersection of Normandy and Huron Church Line Road to investigate a motor vehicle collision that had just occurred. The collision involved two vehicles, one travelling west onto Normandy from Villa Maria Boulevard and one travelling southbound on Huron Church Line Road. The vehicle travelling southbound was deemed at fault and charged with “Red light – fail to stop”. LaSalle Fire Service and paramedics attended the scene to assist and examine both drivers. No injuries were reported and both vehicles were towed from the scene.

COVID- 19 Party Complaint
Just after 10:00 PM, Information was received that a large party was happening at a residence near the corner of Cousineau and Northway with approximately 30 youths in attendance. Officers arrived on scene and the party goers began fleeing from the residence. The young resident remained on scene and spoke with the officers. The young person confessed that his parents were out of town, who were then contacted by police and returned early. Police ensured that the party was shut down. Both the young male and his parents were informed of the possible charges and fines associated with COVID 19 violations during this time and that the offence is very serious.

Sept 26th
Bail Violations
Just before midnight, an officer was travelling southbound doing general patrol on Huron Church Line Road approaching Donato when he noticed a vehicle on the opposite side pull to the side of the road. The officer conducted a u-turn and followed the vehicle down Donato. The officer discovered that the licence plates were registered to another different vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The officer was able to properly identify both occupants of the vehicle and further discovered that they were bound by judicial conditions not to be communicating or associating with one another. The passenger also had outstanding arrest warrants from the Windsor Police Service. Both males were arrested for breaching their judicial conditions as well as the arrest warrants. The vehicle was seized and will be held until a determination of ownership of the vehicle can be determined. The investigation is ongoing.

Sept 27th
Motor Vehicle Collision with Injuries
Just before 3:00 PM, on Sunday, September 27th, LaSalle Police Officers, LaSalle Fire Service and paramedics attended the 2600 block of Front Road to investigate a motor vehicle collision involving two vehicles. The vehicles had been travelling north in the 2600 block of Front Road when one of the vehicles changed lanes and made contact with the second vehicle causing the second vehicle to lose control, strike a curb and rolled over. EMS transported all of the involved drivers and passengers to the hospital for examination who were later released. Front Road was closed from approximately 3:00 PM until 7:00 PM while police completed their investigation . There was significant damage to both vehicles and each had to be towed from the roadway. The collision is still under investigation and charges under the Highway Traffic Act are pending.