Weekly Media Release – September 28th – October 4th 2020

Members of the LaSalle Police Service, working from Monday September 28th to Sunday October 4th, were kept busy responding to 332 calls for service and activities including:

20 – Emergency 911 Calls
3 – Alarms
1 – Assault Complaint
6 – Assist Ambulance
2 – Assist Other Police Service
2 – Bail Violations
1 – Break and Enter
5 – By-Law Complaints
62 – Directed Patrols
4 – Driving Complaints
2 – Family Disputes
2 – Frauds
2 – Harassment Complaints
1 – Impaired Driving Complaint
1 – Mental Health Act Matter
4 – Mischief Complaints
8 – Motor Vehicle Collisions
85 – Property Checks
6 – Suspicious Activity
10 – Thefts
1 – Threats
56 – Traffic Stops & Vehicle Checks
1 – COVID-19 related call
4 – Quarantine Act related checks

Sept 28th
Suspicious Vehicle
Just after 6:00 PM, Officers responded to the area of Todd Lane for a suspicious vehicle driving slowly through the neighbourhood. The reporting person advised that they have seen this same vehicle driving slowly around the neighbourhood for the past week and a half and that the vehicle was now parked in cul-de-sac and the driver appeared to be asleep. The officer located the vehicle and spoke with the driver. It was learned that the driver currently resides in the neighbourhood and was just out for a drive and was not sleeping. There were no offences committed and the driver was cooperative and forthright with the investigating officer. In this instance there was no foul play at hand however it illustrates the importance of contacting police immediately when you observe suspicious activity, persons, or vehicles. Due to the prompt call to police, they were able to identify the vehicle and driver and determine whether or not they were engaged in criminal activity. The LaSalle Police Service encourages citizens to report suspicious activity when it happening. Call us anytime at 519 969-5210

Wildlife on the Move in LaSalle – Motorists are Advised to Drive Cautiously
As we enter into fall we may begin to see movement of our wildlife throughout our community. Deer are entering rut (mating) season and many bucks will be competing for potential mates. During rut season, deer are on the move and may not be focused on avoiding the dangers of crossing streets. Deer will have their focus on finding mates and bucks will often compete for does attention by engaging in tussles with each other. Recently officers were dispatched to the 7300 block of Matchette Road to assist with two bucks that had their antlers stuck together during one such tussle. The officer contacted the Humane Society to assist in separating the animals. Unfortunately, neither deer survived the ordeal as one was near death upon arrival and the other died despite the best efforts of everyone involved. Be aware when driving, especially at dusk anywhere in and around LaSalle as deer can be difficult to spot and can emerge onto the roadway suddenly. On October 3rd, a small dear was struck by a motor vehicle in the 2400 block of Normandy Street and did not survive.

Coyotes are also present in our community. On Monday September 28th at approximately 10:00 PM, a resident was walking their small dog in the area of Gignac Crescent and Fields Avenue when a lone coyote had crossed their path. The coyote showed its teeth before eventually leaving the area. This encounter appears to have occurred by chance. The LaSalle Police Service would like to remind everyone to always be cautious when out walking in the evening with your pets. Some coyotes have become comfortable in residential surroundings and they can shown little fear when confronted by humans. Coyote breeding season usually occurs in January and February and begin rearing pups in April.

If you come into contact with a coyote that is too close for comfort, remember to be loud by making noise such as clapping, yelling and to make yourself look bigger by waving your arms.

Here is a link to useful information about Coyotes from the Town of LaSalle website:


Sept 29th
Single Vehicle Rollover: Front Road and Malden Road
At approximately 5:30 AM, the LaSalle Police Service along with LaSalle Fire Service and paramedics responded to the scene of a single motor vehicle collision near the intersection of Front Road and Malden Road in LaSalle. A vehicle that was travelling northbound on Front Road struck a curb and left the east side of the roadway. The vehicle travelled over a dirt berm and became airborne before landing on another dirt pile and rolling over onto its roof. The driver, who was the lone occupant in the vehicle, sustained serious injuries and was transported to the hospital. Members of the LaSalle Police Service Technical Collision Reconstruction Unit and Forensic Unit were called out to assist with the investigation. The driver had sustained multiple serious injuries. The driver is expected to recover and the investigation in ongoing. Anyone who may have witnessed or have information related to this collision is asked to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210.

Sept 30th
A female resident attended the LaSalle Police Service to report a fraud. She advised that she had sent an e-transfer of $66 to a work colleague but after speaking to the colleague a few days later learned that the e-transfer was never received. The reporting person followed up with their baking institution and discovered that the funds had been transferred out of her account but had been accepted by another individual with a name different that the intended recipient. The bank ensured that the account was secure and advised to contact her colleague to ensure the same with their bank. E-Transfer is becoming a very common form of payment and has become even more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Most of the time E-Transfer transactions are a secure form of payment however without following some simple safety protocols these payments can be intercepted. If you are making an E-Transfer you should always include a unique security question. Provide the answer to the question to the recipient in a separate e-mail, text or by other means to allow them to accept the transfer. If the person intercepting the E-transfer doesn’t know the answer to the security question they will not be able to receive the funds. For the security question, try to use something that can not be easily found out via social media, e.g. spouse’s name.

Driving While Prohibited
Just before 12:30 PM, an Officer stopped a motor vehicle on Highway #3 in the City of Windsor for a traffic violation. During the investigation into the matter the officer discovered that the adult male driver’s licence was suspended and he was prohibited from operating a motor vehicle due to two previous convictions of driving while impaired. The driver was arrested and charged for the criminal offence of driving while prohibited and his vehicle was seized and impounded for 45 days.

Oct 1st
Mischief to/Theft from Motor Vehicle
At approximately 10:00 PM, officers attended the 1800 block of Normandy for a report of mischief and theft from a vehicle in the parking lot at Villas of Normandy. Upon speaking with the reporting person the officer learned the vehicle had only been parked in the lot for approximately two hours after which the owner discovered that their vehicle had been damaged. Culprit(s) smashed the back passenger window of their vehicle and stole several items from within which included Clothing and kitchen equipment which was valued at approximately $5000.00.

Another theft from a motor vehicle was reported earlier in the day that was believed to have occurred overnight the night before in the area of Stanton Street. This vehicle had been left unlocked and a small amount of loose change and cash were taken.

Thefts from vehicles has occurred frequently throughout many communities and the LaSalle Police Service asks that anyone observing any suspicious activity or persons to contact police immediately at 519 969-5210.

Anyone with information about this or any other crime is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.com

Theft From Boat at Holiday Harbour
Officers attended Holiday Harbour on Front Road for a report of a theft from a boat. The reporting person advised that the theft occurred between September 20th and September 25th. The cabin door to the vessel was pried open and various items were thrown around the cabin. A 32″ RCA Television and various tools were stolen from the boat. The officer will attempt to review video footage from the marina’s surveillance system. Investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information about this or any other crime is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.com

Oct 3rd
Break and Enter – Residence
Just before midnight, officers were called to a break and enter to a residence that just occurred. The home owners, who reside on Farrell, just returned home and noticed that their basement window had been smashed and their sliding doors leading to the rear of the residence were unlocked, slightly ajar and appeared to be damaged. The homeowners and police entered the house and found that several items had been stolen from inside the residence. The investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information about this or any other crime is encouraged to contact the LaSalle Police Service at 519 969-5210 or anonymous tips can be made at Crime Stoppers at 519 258-8477 or www.catchcrooks.com

Oct 4th
Motor Vehicle Collision
Around noon an officer attended the intersection of Matchette and Reaume Road for a report of a two vehicle collision. Investigation into the matter revealed that one vehicle was approaching Reaume Road on Matchette heading northbound and the other heading westbound on Reaume Road approaching Matchette. Information received via reporting persons revealed that the vehicle heading westbound failed to stop at the stop sign, therefore colliding into the vehicle heading northbound and sent the vehicle sliding approximately 10 feet, almost colliding another vehicle. The total damage to both vehicles was approximately $6000. The driver of the vehicle that failed to stop was charged with “Disobey Stop Sign – Fail to Stop” of the Highway Traffic Act and their vehicle was driven from the scene. The other vehicle was not drivable.