Weekly Media Release – September 7, 2020 to September 12, 2020

Sept 7th
Wellness Check
Police were contacted to check on the well being of a child. Officers checked on the child and found that the child was in good spirits and well cared for.

Mental Health Act- Crisis Intervention
Officers responded to a dispute between family members involving property being damaged in the residence. Officers arrived and were able to calm the situation. The responsible person was apologetic and no charges were laid.

Sept. 8th
Suspicious Circumstances/ Theft
Officers attended the Circle K on Sandwich West Parkway just before 5 am for a report that two people had just left the store after attempting to use two different visa cards, which were declined. Officers also responded later that morning to multiple reports in the area involving cars entered and a stolen bike which they believe is all connected. The male suspect is described as approximately 30 years of age and fair skinned. He had a short blond/brown beard, short blond hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a black sweater and beige shorts. The female suspect is described as approximately 35 years of age, Caucasian and black hair. Any further information by residents in that area would be greatly appreciated.
Sept. 9th
On this day a male visited the station to report a possible fraud. The male said that he had been selling a pair of shoes via Kijiji and was contacted by a female from Texas. The female said that she was hoping to buy the shoes for her friend in Saskatchewan and asked the complainant if they could be shipped. They agreed on a shipping price and the female said that she would etransfer funds. She apparently had attempted the etransfer multiple times, but they did not go through, so she advised the reporting person that he would need to ship the shoes before the transfer could be finalized. The reporting person did not receive the funds, and further email exchanges were made regarding additional money that would need to be sent to ensure that the money would go through. The buyer eventually asked the reporting person to go and deposit $500 in to a bitcoin machine, which is when he became suspicious and contacted Canada Post to return the package. Canada Post requested a police report to ensure that the shoes were not mailed and were returned to him. Please be mindful when posting items for sale online, and be extremely cautious when people are asking you to send them money or ship the items prior to payment.
Sept. 10th
Theft Under $5000
Police responded to a 911 call regarding a local convenience store reporting the theft of lottery tickets. Police attended the area and tried to locate the male, who was said to be carrying a tray of lottery tickets that he had taken from the hands of the clerk while he was presenting them for purchase. The area was searched and canvassed thoroughly but the male could not be found. Officers advised the store owner to contact the Ontario Lottery Corporation to advise them of the theft and flag the tickets, in case one is redeemed.
Sept. 11th
Trespass Complaint
The Principal at one of our local public schools reported broken glass and blocks had been located in the school yard and that unknown persons had gained access to the roof and caused damage. Officers will continue to patrol the schools regularly in an attempt to discourage acts of mischief and vandalism. Unauthorized persons caught on the roof of a school could be charged under the Trespass to Property Act.
Sept. 12th
Driving Suspension- 72 hours.
Officers were dispatched to the Harvey’s on Malden Road after a person was observed drinking alcohol in a vehicle. When the officer arrived the vehicle had left the parking lot, the vehicle was located and a traffic stop was conducted. While the driver was being advised of the reason for the stop the officer detected an odour of alcohol from the vehicle. The officer then determined that the driver was driving a motor vehicle with an open container of liquor, contrary to section 32(1) of the Liquor License Act. The vehicle was subsequently searched and a 40oz bottle of vodka was located under the driver’s seat of the vehicle with approximately two ounces missing from the bottle. The officer immediately seized the bottle and emptied it’s contents in the roadway to prevent the offence from continuing. The officer conducted a breath test with the male which determined that the male’s blood-alcohol concentration was above the legal limit of 50mgs per 100ml of blood.
The male was issued a ticket for “driving motor vehicle with open container of liquor” contrary to section 32(1) of the Liquor Licence Act 32(1) and a notice of driver’s licence suspension for 72hours. His license was seized for destruction, and the male was driven from the scene in his vehicle by a family member. The driver could face additional charges of driving while suspended if caught behind the wheel within 72 hours. The driver will be required to pay a re-instatement fee to obtain another driver’s licence once the term of suspension is done and the suspension will be flagged on his driver’s licence history.