LaSalle Police Service 2016 Annual Report

Message From The Chief

I would like to begin by congratulating the Town of LaSalle for its 25th anniversary. 2016 has seen the LaSalle Police Service receive tremendous support from the residents we serve. The LaSalle Police Service community survey conducted resulted in a 98% approval rating and a second independent survey conducted by KPMG revealed a 96% approval rating from LaSalle residents. I want to acknowledge my staff for this achievement and their efforts in serving residents in a manner that is well received and provides residents one of the safest communities in Canada.

A new Deputy Chief has been appointed from within the ranks, namely, Chuck Scanlan, a 32 year member of the LaSalle Police Service. We also welcome Kevin Beaudoin to the senior team who was promoted to Staff Sergeant. One of our officers was honoured as a hero. PC Al Gibson saved the lives of a family from a house fire while on patrol. Additionally, we publicly acknowledged four LaSalle residents who were awarded the Chief’s Citizen Award for outstanding citizenship. Great job by everyone!

We continue to take a lead role with education and awareness initiatives focused on opioid use and fraud prevention. Our support to the LaSalle Hangout has been received well by the community and in particular teenagers. Our commitment to Special Olympics, LaSalle Food Bank, Golf Charity Tournament, Children’s Aid Fashion Show and other community initiatives are well received.

I have a responsibility to address an important issue pertaining to “unfounded sexual assaults” in LaSalle as reported by the media. The sexual assault statistics as reported by the media were incorrect. I ordered an in-depth internal review of this important and sensitive matter and met with significant community partners. I am fully satisfied with the review and proactive measures taken by the LaSalle Police and our many community partners. I assure residents of LaSalle that all sexual assault complaints are taken seriously and are fully investigated. The review will be made available to the public.

There have been but a few significant crimes committed. These crimes were addressed successfully. There are no public safety issues to report for 2016.

We encourage residents to please take the time and stay engaged with us through the LaSalle Police Service web-site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The number of residents following the LaSalle Police on social media is increasing and has doubled in the past couple of years. We hear from many residents how they enjoy keeping in touch with the LaSalle Police on social media.


John Leontowicz,
Chief of Police,
LaSalle Police Service