LaSalle Police Service 2015 Annual Report

Message From The Chief

I welcome 2015 as another rewarding year for the LaSalle Police and the residents we serve.  As partners with our residents and interest groups of the community, together, we have solved and together continue to prevent crime.  With an aggressive strategy involving public relations events, social media and crime prevention strategies we continue to make LaSalle one of the safest communities in Canada.  LaSalle was once again reported by Stats Canada to be the second safest community in Canada.  Congratulations to all those residents who made that possible.  Well done!

There have been no significant crimes committed and no public safety issues.  We continue to experience petty thefts from vehicles which are due to vehicles being left unlocked at night.  While fraudsters continue to take advantage of our residents, we will continue to provide awareness and education prevention programs.  Our commitment to reduce frauds and thefts from residents will continue.

The LaSalle Police Charity Golf tournament and our dedication to Special Olympics continue to be greatly received by the community.  Our new Community and Corporate Affairs strategy has taken the public support of our service to a whole new level.  The Community and Corporate Affairs Officer keep residents and interest groups to-date on not just education and awareness but the affairs of the Service on a daily basis.  The response has been widely appreciated by the community. Our involvement in many more fundraising charities and public relations events have encouraged residents to observe our efforts in echoing our philosophy of community based policing, that of a philosophy of kindness and gentle approach to those we serve.

Our social media following has seen many more residents take an active part with the Service in keeping with our daily news of interest and public relations events.  Our ability to provide an active and inclusive social media model of policing has provided a tool that has assisted investigations and has become a valuable crime prevention tool.  A number of crimes solved have been attributed through this approach.

I thank my staff for their efforts and commend them for the respect they demonstrate to those they serve.

We encourage residents to please take the time and stay engaged with us through the LaSalle Police web-site, Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube.





John Leontowicz,
Chief of Police,
LaSalle Police Service